Alex Irlando looks for a good result in Essay with direct drive kart


18-year old Alex Irlando returns to direct drive kart to contest the last round of the CIK-FIA European Championship at Ouest Karting in Essay, France.

With two weekends off between races, Alex Irlando is ready to jump on his TM-powered Sodikart for the fourth round of the CIK-FIA OK European Championship. After missing the round held in Ampfing, Germany, to keep on developing the OK chassis, the Sodi Army returns to competitions on its home soil.

“It has been a really hard season in both OK and KZ. I hope to have a good weekend in Essay, the team is working so hard to reduce the gap that they deserve it. That is the toughest part of my job, but it’s what makes me a professional driver, so I’ll keep my head down until the chassis will be competitive.”

Here is the program of the weekend. The race will be streamed on .

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