A weekend in trouble at PF International for Alex Irlando


At the second round of the CIK-FIA OK European Championship, Alex Irlando didn’t take part to the final race on Sunday afternoon.

It has been a tough weekend for the 17-year old Alex Irlando in Grantham. Despite the huge effort made by Sodikart, both Alex and his teammate Tom Joyner at the Paul Fletcher International didn’t find a goot set-up for and both spent the weekend fighting in the back of the field.

In qualifying Alex finished 63rd lapping more than 9 tenths slower than the poleman and through heats he wasn’t able to fix his problems. Struggling and fighting with his black-orange kart, Alex finished 16th, 17th, 15th, 18th and he retired in the last heat while he was racing for the 19th position.

On Sunday morning his weekend was over, finishing 57th overall.

“I never would have thought that I wouldn’t be able to get in the final race. I’m sorry for that, also my teammate Tom struggled a lot and he was out of the final too. Sodikart is working hard to develop the new chassis, but the level in OK is so high and it’s not easy to develop a new chassis from the scratch during CIK-FIA events. We knew that it would be tough. We have to learn from this experience and put the head down and work harder. Before the next round of the CIK-FIA OK European Championship we scheduled a few test sessions to be prepared for the next competitions. Sodikart deserves to be on top in OK too and we will bring it where it belongs!”

The next race is the CIK-FIA OK European Championship in Ampfing, Germany, from June 15th to 17th.

Here are the full results.

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